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Aleksandra Vecvagare

I really feel like more should've been added to this. The description isn't clear enough, in my opinion. The idea is quite unique, however. It could have more potential, if you were to add some more information about the organization.
But, I give props to you for the interesting slogan. :D :P


Emils Kairens

I don't understand the idea, because the description than to be written.


Annika Lanka

Didn't understand much from what is written here.

Though the slogan was about the aim, I believe that this group didn't have the description lexiconic.


Elizabete Bukante

On one hand, the idea is good and so is the aim, but on the other hand  the description is not really descriptive enough. I think that adding a few more sentences about the countries that are a part of this organization, the cause and how you can volunteer could help a lot. I like that your aim is original and it would sure gain a following. Great job!


Nevena Unvollkommen

Cool slogan! And a brief but still convincing description of your aim. In which way are you going to achieve this aim? How are you going to make your organisation more popular and how much money would you need, before the first results could be seen? Your idea is original and interesting and would for sure find supporters.

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