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How to use augmented reality in STEM education. Guidebook Votes: 0

The Erasmus+ project "Augmented Reality for STEM education" (2020-1-LV01-KA226-SCH-094530) found the opportunity to apply the Augmented Reality (AR) technology as an educational tool for young people in Europe.

AR scancards for STEM & AR lesson plans for STEM Votes: 1

By applying an already existing (and available for use) Augmented Reality mobile application which is at the disposal of Social Innovation Centre, project partners created interactive AR educational materials about STEM that appear when scanning AR targets on each STEM lesson plan.

A motivational programme to promote girls’ engagement in STEM Votes: 1

This guide is designed to assist primary and secondary school teachers in encouraging and supporting girls in STEM education. Girls and women are wellknown to be underrepresented in STEM fields, and societal and cultural biases can discourage girls from pursuing interests in maths and science (OECD, 2017).

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Eramsus+ Developed Game for Business Skills Votes: 1

  The project aims to process and transfer learning outcomes in terms of skills, knowledge and skills to students and teachers (ECVET recommendation, 2009): For students: opportunities, creativity, value ideas, ethical and sustainable ideas (EntreComp framework). They will acquire skills and abilities, including self-awareness and self-effectiveness, motivation and perseverance, mobilization of resources, and economic-financial knowledge. On a practical level, students will be able to: take the initiative, plan and manage, face uncertainty and risk, work with others, and learn from experience.

Elevator Pitch for Business idea Votes: 1

Testing business Canva as a new idea development tool, students generate their ideas and you can vote for the student ideas elevator pitches here

For/rest Blue Votes: 2

Parnēsājams, portatīvs, unikāls un kompakts viedierīču (viedtālruņu, planšetdatoru) projektors un skaļruņu komplekts.

How to make your idea pop out Votes: 3

Here are a few tips, how you can be sure, that your idea is going to pop out.

Enel Play Energy competition Votes: 3

Our start up project, Good & Good, (created by the students of class 5E at Enrico Fermi) was entered into the Enel Play Energy competition. They received a special recognition amongst secondary schools by a qualified judge who specialises in world institution, education and journalism.

Matemātika uzņemējdarbībā Votes: 2

Izmēģināju skolēniem likt saskatīt matemātiku reklāmās.

Startup Super School Votes: 5

BE YOUNG BE ENTREPREUNER is the slogan of Startup Super School a startup created by a team of friends to give young people the desire to create a startup by a simple idea.

Scuola in azione Votes: 4

Every year our association Confindustria young enterpreuners organize a competition among students in the Catanese schools. They wiil award the best ideas! great isn't it?

Teaching 21st Century Business Skills Votes: 4

There is a great platform developed by an international team of educators from Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey. It is a virtual game on crowdfunding strategies and startup skills which are the main business skills in 21st-century. 

English everywhere Votes: 1

Everywhere in the School there will be interesting games on the computers or boards and various bann

How to teach design in ESL? Votes: 2

There are several ways how you can teach some design ideas.